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This is my first entry since i arrived at the 30th of august. Because i arrived very late at night, i had the chance to get to know David and his lovely wife. They gave my a bed for that night and my first canadian sandwich. It was interesting to see all these mountains around and the residential area they live in, which looked exactly like one out of a typical american film. But besides that, and for my it was the most important thing, they took my fear to talk english, because they told me, that i would speak a wonderful english. After a great breakfast David showed my, how nice canadians are, by showing me the area around. Than Shennon picked my up and we drove, together with three other international studens to revelstoke. We learned a lot on the way about revelstoke and about bears. But when I arrived at 3645 Catherwood Rd. all my dreams got true. I was greeted by two nice dogs and when we reached the garage, i saw Lissa coming out of the garden behind the house. After a short time also Andrew and Charlie, who is as tall as I am, showed up a welcomed me. They showed me the house a my girly room,the garden and the pets. Im now living in a wonderful house next to the skihill, with a wonderful family, in a small, but wonderful town. But the teachers strike is still on, so we, the international studens, have a wonderful alternative program. We already went to benff and calgary for shopping. We spended over 10 ours in malls!! I saw the cold lake louise, mount revelstoke and mount begbie. I already experienced to much to write about it here. Tomorrow we will visit the museum of revelstoke and the railway museum. Im also trying to learn skateboarding, but im not really good, despite a good teacher named Charlie. I guess my next entry will come in a week or something like that, maybe earlier, depends on experience i'll make.
16.9.14 06:01

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