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Blog 10.11

Nearly three weeks ago i sprained my ankle while the volleyball training. Since then i've never played volleyball again, until today. It was the first volleyball training since then and it was super fun, so that i'm going to the tournament this week...but i wont play. Also we had the first snow today and for the night are -16 foretold. Andrew is going away until Saturday to Kelowna, where also our tournament is going to be to. I have to wear a brace now all time the day, but i'm walking without crutches. Also i do everything the doctor tells me, like going in the hot tub.... But i don't have much to tell, because my life is without sport pretty boring.
11.11.14 07:07

Blog 11.10

We are complete!! Last sunday we went to pick up my hostfather, Andrew, who was in white horse. I saw cosco for the first time. It's a giant shop, where everything is very big, but cheap. Then we went to there airport and now we are all together at home and waiting till the pizza is ready. I also had my first volleyball game on tuesday. We lost, but it was so much fun, that i think, the score doesn't really count. The next tournament will be next weekend. Since friday i have 20 new german friends: we got 20 new german chickens I still like it here and dont want to go home...yet.
12.10.14 04:23

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