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4.10 Blog

Today its a little bit longer than a month since i arrived here. After the first two weeks holidays, the school started 2 weeks ago. Ive noticed many differents to our school, but also similar things. For example the rooms: every single room has an IMac (we dont want to talk about the computer-lab) and a smartboard. My classes, english, cooking, automotive and biology are all very good and i have great teachers. Also the volleyball started and we have training three times a week. That is probably one of the funniest thing right now for me. I found many new friends and went to my first real party, which is basicly like a german one. Together with all the other international studens, i went zip-lining in calgary. But not the zip-lining was the fun part about that, but the trampoline after the that was fun part ^^. We did a lot of flips until somebody kicked us off, because we werent allowed to jump. Finally i've noticed, how hard it is to cut all the connections to germany and my german friends. It's much easier if the connection just change, so i probably should say thanks to both of you. Now i've finally arrived in canada!!
4.10.14 21:23

Blog 22.9

Today is the last day of summer and also the last day of holidays. Tomorrow we have to go back to school. This week was not so hectic, because we only went to the railway museum and the revelstoke museum. But i made my only programm together wit jan from czechia . We went mountainbiking. I also bought my new skateboard this week. And before i forget, there was this awsome concert from the boombooms on saturday. And i have to say that the food is really tasty in canada.
22.9.14 06:21

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